8 Interesting Facts About Dates You Don’t Want to Miss 

If truth be told, date fruits have a special way of winning over our hearts and taste buds alike. This natural caramel-like sweetness is quite irresistible, but what lies beyond this delectable taste will surely blow your mind! 

So, let’s unravel 8 interesting facts about dates you will be surprised to know. 

Did You Know? 

  1. The name says it all 

Did you know that due to its finger-like shape, the word “date” originates from “dáktulos”, a Greek term for “finger”? 

  1. All you need is 15 date fruits per day to survive 

Of course, you have heard a lot about the benefits of eating dates; but you might be impressed to learn that 15 dates per day are enough for your survival especially since this fruit contains minerals, vitamins A, B, D, and fructose that are essential for nourishing your body. The date power is real! 

  1. This fruit dates back to over 50 million years ago 

Yes! Dates are known for being the most ancient harvested fruit. 

  1. Date pits are not waste! 

In addition to the health benefits of date pits, they can also be used in making cosmetic products such as eyeliner. 

  1. Medjool are called royal dates for a reason 

Out of more than 200 different types of dates, “Medjool” stands out. This type is the most expensive especially since it’s the hardest to grow and its unique taste is on another level. 

  1. A palm tree is the “tree of life” 

In the Middle East, the palm tree is considered the tree of life thanks to its several uses in food and construction. 

  1. A palm tree is planted when a son is born in Oman 

In fact, it is a symbolic act that represents a promise of sustenance and prosperity for the child’s future. The date palm tree holds significant cultural and historical importance in these regions due to its ability to provide a valuable source of food (dates) and other resources, such as materials for construction and shade. 

  1. The benefits of dates are like no other  

Date fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals that can boost your energy and nourish your body to the fullest.